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Working With You

Our Story

Since 2000, I’ve been providing professional consulting services to clients from San Francisco and beyond. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, my focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship. I’ll work with you to create a customized plan of action for yourself or your organization. Get in touch to learn more about my vision and consulting approach.

Great Team

We have experienced marketing experts who have acclimated themselves with the tough working environment and with their conversational skills they can convince even the most obdurate prospects just to hit the target. We hold expertise in the fields of real estate, cash financing, Solar, recruitment calling, cold calling for technology and home improvements.


 Free Consulting

Our team of expert mortgage advisers will compare 12,000 mortgage deals and find the right mortgage deal for you. You can chat with, call or email your adviser at any time. Your adviser won't be paid a commission based on the size of your loan or choice of lender. Their only motivation is to help you get a mortgage quickly and easily. And we do more than get you a mortgage. We check that you can still pay it if the unexpected happens so you’re protected against losing your home.


Improve Your Experience

Requirement Analysis

From a 30-minute discovery call on a Zoom meeting, we will discuss and then analyze your requirements first before proceeding onto the next steps.

Proposal Submission

Upon reviewing your requirements, our experts will work out a likely estimate to be included in a proposal that we will later share with you.

Final Execution

The final execution of a detail-oriented plan must be thoroughly scrutinized, and that is exactly what sets us apart from the rest.

Leads For You

Leads keep your business running.
To keep the leads coming, you need a reliable and effective marketing team.


  • Solar Lead Generation

  • Real Estate Lead Generation

  • Cash Financing Lead Generation

  • Recruitment Leads

  • Technological Cold Calling

  • Home Improvement Lead Generation

  • Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Lead Generation

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About Mortgage

Learn more about Trussle, our mission and how we provide our services for free

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